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We help you to make a change,
in a digital world.


Business Development

Corporate & IT Strategy,
Innovation &, Transformation Management,

Growth & Turnaround

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Three reasons why customers like to collaborate on projects with Henrik - owner of NOMANO: he is result-oriented in a co-creation mode, he combines analytics with empathy, and he is a visionary with a clear “big picture".

  • Henrik approaches in co-creation mode from the start; on one hand towards his customer, and on the other towards his partners. For him, the goal is not just an anonymous milestone; he is also driven by a passion for achieving a defined result. Together, valuable solutions are created with clear benefits.

  • Henrik combines analytical skills and clear structuring capabilities with empathy and pragmatism. For him, people and social contacts are particularly important. Therefore, he loves to sell ideas to others and inspire them.

  • Henrik sees the "big picture" and always strives to develop a vision for himself and others. Both to strategically structure ideas and to operationalize them. Creating something visionary, new, and valuable are his passions, his motivation, and his driver - from end to end, from idea to implementation.


The three core characteristics – solution orientation in co-creation, combining analytics with empathy, and visionary innovation – are consistent in his work, whether he is consulting, acting as a manager in a responsible leadership role, or producing wine. Therefore, these three key features are the connection between business life and wine production.

We advise companies
on digital transformation
and corporate initiatives.

We make it happen.


NOMANO provides management consulting - be it at strategic or operational level - as well as services in interim management.

NOMANO knows that the greatest advantage to, and benefit for, customers arise from tailor-made, customer-specific solutions. Therefore, we deliver this based on acquired knowledge about a single customer and his position in the market. 

This requires specific knowledge and many years of experience around digitization and innovation. We provide this as a network of partners. On an equal footing, we are our customer’s inspiration and confidant – together we work out causes, connections, and solutions.

Integrity, respect, and results for the customer are our core values:

Integrity means making clear distinctions between right and wrong, and doing the right thing. In so doing, we present our skills honestly and openly. This creates mutual trust.

We know that respect requires sincerity and empathy, and we deal with each other with complete transparency; in doing so, we promote constructive criticism and continuous mutual learning.

We are committed to achieving results that significantly exceed their investment. Therefore, not only do we develop and present ideas and concepts, but also ensure measurable results, which we can also measure ourselves against.

To support young companies and start-ups, I decided to become a mentor at Tenity (ex. F10).


Wine Producer

Henrik Czurda is both a Swiss and Hungarian citizen. He lives in Lachen and his personal interests include fine arts, gastronomy and wine making.


He owns a vineyard in Hungary.

                                                              CZURDA RIESLING

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